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Pashut festival - The only naked festival in Israel!

let's feel the freedom of being simple and plain

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יום חמישי 20 ספטמבר 2012   17:00
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Israel / soute israel
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Pashut Festival - "real life of men, they way it is taken off the lie forced upon him by others. Bare, naked, natural, is those who are ..." (Osho).

You are ready for renewal? New Year's festival just renewed!

My name is Noah and I'm the new producer of "The Simple Art".

You don't understand what a recipe I've made for all of us!... Fantastic workshops with new guidelines!... and a slightly different way to undress.. Poetry circles, watching the stars, plaster and clay sculpturing, a special area for those who need a push to "jump into the water" (undress) and what else?...

Ben and Efrat celebrate 10 years of togetherness with a special tantric wedding ceremony and they invite all couples who want to join in the ceremony of holy union between lovers. Lovers who are interested can contact

Desert Ashram offers a space of freedom and love. The uniqueness of this festival is a beauty, a healing, a naturalness and authenticity of our bodies. Be naked when you want, and how you want. Take off the clothes and go back to base and feel the renewal of our love for ourselves and our bodies.

Three days of a most natural celebration. A renewed naked celebration returns to the desert, let's feel the freedom of being simple and plain.

This time the festival will be themed around art, our body as a work of art. Nude painting and sculpture, art of cooking, art of seduction and fighting, art with beads and trinkets, the art of yoga and movement. Filled with love, which allows each and every one the freedom to remove not only clothes, but also social conditioning, judgment and criticism, and from all the heaviness that is hiding beneath the fabric of our clothes. PashutFestival celebrates the artistic body, the depth of healing, liberation, freedom and liberation from naked shame.
et's be simple love for yourself and your body be the body's natural movement and fly alone and with others self-acceptance. You are invited to dance, walk in the desert, to connect to the earth, water, air, sun and stars, feeling the movement of the desert around you and within you. It's time to allow yourself to observe and release restrictive patterns and social conditioning . This is your chance to experience love for the human body as such, an opportunity to begin a year of natural body movement just as it is .... Come and experience love.

In Pashut nudity is a privilege, and not a must!

So it's time to get organized.

Naked. Bare body without clothes. We have picked up some baggage from society associated with this natural state. Some taboos. How much pain. Some shame. The festival gives you a unique opportunity to dispose of the shells we've received, and experience yourself and others in society with no clothes. And since it takes place in the Desert Ashram, we're not inviting people to be naked for no reason, we want people to be nude with awareness.

No need to have a 'perfect body' to undress. On the contrary! This is an opportunity to experience our bodies and the bodies of others just as they are. To face our concerns, our embarrassment and to embrace ourselves with love.

The festival is intended for a diverse audience: Veteran naturists looking for every opportunity to be free from the limitation of clothes; newcomers always in search of the place and the opportunity to undress; the shy and brave who decide to venture out and surprise themselves; seekers of self-learning and development who understand that when all of the shell is lowered they can learn so much; for lovers of art; all of us!

Come and experience the selection of workshops and meditations, dance parties, swim in the pool or wade in the mud pool, sit on the grass or chai shop and experience the body paintings of talented body painters.

Let's just be, and accept yourself and others as we are.

Now that's some freedom!

Call us at 052-4483242 for more information and tickets

Or email:

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